MLB The Show 21 update brings over 20 changes and improvements

the new MLB Toon 21 The update was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sony Santa Monica, along with the official patch notes that reveal and detail everything the latter has done for the game with the new update. And the new update – Game Update 9 – has a significant, if insignificant, impact on the game.

Unfortunately, the new update doesn’t bring any new content, but it does bring nearly 30 fixes and improvements to the game, including online gameplay, the franchise, the view, and more.

Here are the full patch notes for the update, courtesy of Sony Santa Monica:


  • All versions of Legends Ivan Rodriguez, Johnny Bench, and Gary Carter now have a Pop Time feature. Note: The quirk feature will appear in the player item tab after the content is posted on 6/21/22 (around 12 PM PT)

Face to face online

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a player opened the card on the screen when the other player stopped
  • Fixed an issue where home replays would not play when opponent presses X (PlayStation) / A (Xbox)
  • Fixed a rare crash that might occur when exiting the application menu
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the pause menu after hitting an archer
    Accept Gewijzigd End Friendship-knop van Square (PlayStation) / X (Xbox) in X (PlayStation) / A (Xbox)
  • Fixed an issue where a runner would get a free base when stealing if the hitter hit the field while trying to hit too late
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to “freeze” when the user intentionally walks in and out and throws multiple hits home
  • There are no changes to gameplay or balance in this update.
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  • Panel appearances are now posted on jumbotrons at American Family Field and Busch Stadium
  • Fixed an issue where the ball would slip through the wall in the Angel’s Court
  • Fixed an issue where a collision around the offending pole at American Family Field could sometimes cause the offending ball to slide onto the field.

The way to the exhibition

  • Various repairs and modifications have been made to cameras and presentations in the dressing room
  • Statistics collected by the simulation are no longer calculated during the progress of the program
  • Notable stats now appear on Jumbotrons
  • Players are now eligible for rewards if they are on the injured list at the end of the season


  • Fixed an issue causing the default stadium image to appear in the stadium maps list قائمة
  • Fixed an issue where some players eligible to trade would not show the option to ‘Make a Deal’ in the player search screen
  • The first game in the second half of the AA season was incorrectly named “Opening Day”
    user environment
  • Post-game tasks list can now be scrolled to show all tasks in progress, no more tasks will be shown for already completed programs
  • The down cursor no longer appears in any of the in-game shortcut menus
  • The pause menu no longer appears during the game highlight reel
  • Other UI tweaks and fixes


  • Various bug fixes
  • Various updates to reply Play by Play

MLB Toon 21 Available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. For more coverage of the game, click Here.

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