Mocro Mafia opens doors that would otherwise remain closed

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When the series started, Ahmed Akabi, four seasons ago mukro mafiaEssentially, he wanted to tell a multi-layered story and give young talent the opportunity to break through. As a side note, note that the series has also opened doors for other makers.

“This series means a lot to me,” co-author and protagonist Akkabi told Young talents, aspiring directors and writers get a chance to break through, mukro mafia as a starting point for them. It’s for me, so I’m very proud of it, said the 38-year-old actor, who also co-opted the crime series.

Nasrdin Dchar, a close friend of Akkabi, plays Pencil in the first season of mukro mafia. He still remembers that the difficult conversations were at the beginning.

“I always deal with stigmas and clichés. When you talk about a world where people of Moroccan descent are criminals, my mind immediately goes in that direction,” explains Dachar.

“I had very long conversations with Ahmed about it, but fortunately it turns out that we want to show a very multi-layered world. A world that is a nightmare, where families are scattered and young people are moving somewhere, especially those layers. I personally thought it was very important in That. Reading the first scripts with the actors, I immediately noticed: Wow, well, this could become something really special. And also a very important thing.”

“It’s great to be traveling abroad with this series”

“The important thing about this series is that you see how many other projects are going green because of the success of our series,” adds Akabi. “mukro mafia It opens doors to all kinds of other creators, to young creators, to other types of content. This was not the case before that.”

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Dasher: “We both know a time when it was literally said: They are not there, the actors, the colorists. It can no longer be said in 2022.”

although mukro mafia Prior to the development of Videoland, the series can now be watched in quite a few countries. “France is waiting for the second season, and Germany is waiting for the third,” Akabi says. “Spain is coming and can be seen in the US, Canada, UK, Russia and Indonesia.”

“It’s great that we’re going abroad with a series that was meant for a Dutch streaming service that wasn’t a big budget. We have to be creative every season. People dare to remind you at the same time of series like Gomorrah It’s a real compliment to all of us.”

The first episode of the new season can be watched on Videoland from today. According to Akkabi, the big difference from the previous three seasons is that the immediate environment of some of the youngsters of the series will take matters into their own hands. “The neighborhood community wants to take a stand. And that would be a lot of fun.”

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