More than a thousand people died in 2019 due to misjudgment in treatment

Older people often die because of a wrong assessment. “This is because patients are becoming more complex,” geriatrician Judith Wilmer told News & Associates.


Many patients at an older age face several diseases. Determining treatments is then very difficult. “Then you find yourself between two fires. What is good for one disease is not good for another disease.” According to Wilmer, there is also the fact that the elderly and vulnerable people do not have sufficient “reserves” against medical interventions and major diseases. “If people undergo treatment, people are also more likely to experience complications from it.”

No visible symptoms

In addition, this group may also have asymptomatic symptoms in the event of a disease. “For example, an elderly person with pneumonia may fall down instead of cough and have a fever.” This makes it very difficult for doctors to know exactly what the patient has now. To counter this, medical students have recently been given geriatrics and geriatrics.


Wilmer also sees society looking at the elderly from a different perspective. “When there was talk of a tsunami for the elderly, the elderly absorbed it. Then they often think that they are a burden to people and this is very sad.”

According to her, this could also ensure that people are less likely to sound the alarm when they are sick. “People think it comes with age.” We’re also working hard on this in healthcare. Wilmer says there are many projects where they teach older adults to talk about their problems and illnesses. “For frail seniors, we also like to discuss goals and values ​​in life before treatment. Also, have someone’s full condition checked before you start doing things as a doctor or caregiver. That way, very specific advice can be given.”

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