Morgan Floggen is the new director of public health

GGD Flevoland has a new Director of Public Health (DPG) as of today. Marjan Flügen (aged 51) was nominated by the General Council of GGD Flevoland. The General Council of the Flevoland Security District approved the nomination on Wednesday. Coral Flügen succeeds Sis Verdam, who passed away in April of this year. Marjan came to work at GGD Flevoland in 2007 as a Division Manager at GHOR. In 2017, she was appointed Director of GGD and Deputy DPG.

Marjan Flügen: “I am honored to be able to commit a DPG for our region. Together with the six municipalities, we GGD are working on the health of Flevoland.

We do this with all of our colleagues from GGD Flevoland and with all of our partners. We are, hopefully, in the final phase of a pandemic that has been the focus of so much attention and energy for a year and a half. We are prepared to meet public health challenges. With the organization that we are now, I have every confidence that we can achieve even more great results for the health of the residents of Flevoland. Plus: GGD Flevoland is a great organization to work for. I hope I can continue to do this for a long time to come.”

Security Directorate

John van der Zwaan will assume the duties accomplished by Sis Verdam in the management and board of directors of the Flevoland Safety District. From 1 July 2021, van der Zwaan will be Head of the Safety Department and associated Official Secretary to the General Council. He also holds positions at Gooi en Vechtstreek.

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In addition to DPG Flevoland, Marjan Vluggen has also been appointed Vice President of Safety Management.


“Cooperating with the safety zones in Flevoland and Guy in Vishtrik is important; we are going for a healthy and safe Flevoland,” says Morgan Flogen.

John van der Zwaan: During the collaboration between BSF and GGD Flevoland, and certainly also during the COVID-19 period, we worked with Cees Verdam in a fun and constructive way. Marjan and I would like to continue this way of working. Health and safety go hand in hand in this.

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