Most Dutch people no longer eat meat every day (important reasons are health and animal welfare)

More than a third of adults in the Netherlands started eating less meat last year.

They did this by including meat-free days or by eating smaller portions of meat.

Nearly 60 percent say their meat consumption has not changed, but 37 percent think they should eat less meat. This is evident from a survey conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) among 3,600 adults.

Flexible progress

The survey shows that resilience is progressing in the Netherlands. The proportion of adults who eat meat up to four days a week has now risen to 45 percent. About 20 percent of adults still eat meat every day.

well educated

The research also shows that meat consumption is declining, especially among highly educated young women.

Remarkably, a resilient person cites mainly personal reasons (health, no longer needed) to eat less meat. For vegetarians, the main motive is animal welfare, followed by climate and environment.

Meat consumption increased in 2019

The annual survey by Wageningen University and Wakker Dier showed that meat consumption in 2018 and 2019 showed an upward trend, in 2019 it averaged 39 kilograms of meat and processed meat. This is mainly due to the increasing popularity of chicken meat. The research on meat consumption in 2020 will be presented next fall.

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