Mozilla Firefox makes managing passwords on Android easier

Most people use Google Chrome pre-installed on their Android phones, but there are also many Firefox fans. Now it’s easy to create and save passwords in this browser. Not only for the browser, but also for apps on Android.

Save passwords with Firefox

Mozilla Writes: “Now when you create an account for an app on your mobile device, you can create a new password and save it directly in the Firefox browser. After that you can use it on both mobile and desktop. Now you can easily change any password you have saved in the browser to log into an account On the Internet like a Twitter or Instagram app. You don’t need to open a web page.” Hundreds of passwords can be stored this way.

That’s not all, because autofill is also made possible, where you can autofill passwords on your smartphone, as long as you have these words in fire foxBrowser saved. You can also securely unlock accounts with your smartphone’s biometrics, such as your face or fingerprint. You can use it to open the entry page where passwords can be found. This is more secure than entering a password for example.

Update Mozilla Firefox op Android

In the context of Internet security, Mozilla Protect your privacy. This way you can disable individual trackers of your online behavior. You will also see how many trackers Firefox has already blocked. To take advantage of these new capabilities, you need the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox app. You can download or update it from the Google Play Store.

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This isn’t a revolutionary feature by the way, because Google Chrome has been able to do that for a while. However, it is easy enough that Mozilla now also allows the option with its Firefox browser. Now for Android, but later this year also for iOS.

Firefox fast and private browser

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