NATO Secretary General warns Russia: Stop troop building on the Ukrainian border

Russia should immediately stop building troops on the border with Ukraine and withdraw from eastern Ukraine. NATO chief Stoltenberg made this call after his meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Coeliba. NATO chief talks about the largest Russian military presence on the border since the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

According to Ukraine, the Kremlin is trying to escalate the conflict in eastern Ukraine, including intimidation by building troops on the border and using propaganda through Russian channels in the country. Koliba calls on the West to impose more sanctions on Russia and to provide military aid.

The country wants to join NATO, but according to the United States, the country is not ready for this yet, as Kiev first has to implement a number of important reforms. Regional stability is also usually a prerequisite for military alliance membership.

According to NATO chief Stoltenberg, Russia is trying to disrupt the accession process by provoking the conflict in eastern Ukraine. “It is up to the 30 countries that are members of NATO to decide on Ukraine’s accession, and no one else,” the concerned Norwegian said. Reuters reported, based on diplomatic sources, that the situation in Ukraine will be discussed tomorrow at a digital NATO conference.

The American Presence in Europe

Earlier in the day, Moscow urged the United States to stay out of the region, as the Ukrainian military presence would turn Ukraine into a dangerous “powder keg”. At the moment the Americans are in the Black Sea with some warships.

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In addition, during a visit to Germany this morning, US Defense Secretary Austin announced that he would end the withdrawal of US military personnel from Germany, which began under former President Trump. The Pentagon will transfer 500 additional troops to the base in Germany.

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