Neighbor B&B’s back in court: ‘I have to negotiate my health’

Wood smoke is a nuisance. © Pixabay

LOCHEM – A new chapter has been added to the TV series between the owner of Bed and Breakfast on the outskirts of Lochem and his neighbor. The neighbor again went to court because he wanted the municipality to enforce Luchem.

Love Bubbles Bed and Breakfast is located on the outskirts of Lochem. On the bed and breakfast grounds, firewood is burned in various ways, by means of a fireplace, a fire bowl and a wood-burning stove. Neighbor Wilfrid Oswaldt wants the municipality to enforce the law. “It’s not just about the smell, but specifically the particles that are released,” says Ossewaldt.

The neighbor opposite the municipality

In its response, the municipality says that it has carried out various checks in the bed and breakfast and that they have looked into what is being heated. According to the municipality, the entrepreneur uses well-dried wood, the chimneys are satisfactory, and hardly any smoke or unpleasant smell was noticed during inspections by the municipality.

This goes against what the neighbor says: “I measure regularly with reliable equipment and the results are very different,” he says. “And I also feel it in my body.” During the trial, he was said to have collapsed when the judge concluded, “You are actually fighting for your health here.”

The judge will rule within six weeks.

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