Netatmo’s smart carbon monoxide detector now also for mobile homes and caravans

Anyone who has a motorhome or motorhome and is going on a trip with it this summer may still be able to use this carbon monoxide detector.

Netatmo’s Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector is now certified for “Modified Vehicles”. Thanks to this certification, users can also install the detector in their motorhome, caravan or excursion boat.

Netatmo Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm

When carbon monoxide is detected, the smart carbon monoxide detector will warn users with an 85 decibel alarm so that they can reach safety in time by leaving their home, vehicle or vehicle immediately and alert emergency services. When users are not on site, the Netatmo smart carbon monoxide detector also sends a notification to their smartphone, allowing them to take quick action and ensuring the safety of their travel companions. In homes, the smartphone notification works over a Wi-Fi connection, while when used in caravans, motorhomes or boats, it happens over the 4G network connection.

The Netatmo carbon monoxide detector also complies with European regulations. The detector has been CE (EN 50291) and NF certified for products that meet the highest safety standards. The detector now also has EN50291-2:2019 certification, and is suitable for continuous use in fixed installation in recreational vehicles and similar residential areas, including pleasure boats.

It lasts 10 years

The device works with a battery that can last up to 10 years and therefore without electrical connection.

Prices and availability

The detector costs you 99.99 euros each and is available in, among other things, cool blue And the

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