Netflix now lets you listen to only the audio of a movie or series

Netflix is ​​experimenting with a new functionality where you can only play movies or series with audio. This way you can turn off video images. The function is available to some users.

Netflix with audio only

In October, it turned out that according to the information in the app icon, Netflix will soon have a feature to play audio only in its app. At that time, the developers were still working on this feature, but now it is also available to some subscribers. Android Police.

Being able to only listen to a movie or series and not see any pictures can have advantages. For example, if you want to follow your favorite series while traveling by public transport, but at the same time you want to be economical with mobile data. When the video is turned off, it ensures much less consumption.

This is how it works

The ability to disable the video is also very simple. Simply start a series or movie and from the video player interface, click on Stop Video Playing. You can then reanimate the photos using Play Video. Netflix has also received a setting where you can choose to only hear audio with all content from now on.

This function will not work well for every series, because in many cases the images contribute to creating the atmosphere and comprehension of a series. However, the function might work well for comedy or documentaries.


The feature is available via a server-side update for some users. That is, there is no way to force the functionality if you don’t already have it. This year, Netflix also brought the ability to change the playback speed and new Top 10 lists were added to the app.

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