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Google has announced a new set of features that work with advanced artificial intelligence (AI). With this, the company hopes to compete with OpenAI, which has created quite a stir in recent months with ChatGPT and Dall-E. These programs can generate text or images themselves based on entered search terms. Google now comes with tools that help users write emails or entire scripts based on some keywords.

In Google Docs, it will soon be possible to quickly produce texts on a blank page after entering a few keywords. The new AI features should also make it possible to summarize or categorize a stream of emails in Gmail. The tech company also advertises functionality that automatically finds images and audio clips for presentations.

Google stresses that it wants to use AI responsibly. This means that users always have the final say on the texts or images they create.

Google also revealed that some of the AI ​​models that form the basis of new features can be used by other developers. In addition, the company enters into partnerships with many companies and startups focused on artificial intelligence.

Reply to ChatGPT

The ads are in response to products recently released by OpenAI. This company is well advanced with what is called generative artificial intelligence, or artificial intelligence that generates text or images itself after simple instructions. OpenAI announced a new version of its artificial intelligence GPT platform on Tuesday, creating Dall-E and ChatGPT.

With this new version, GPT-4, “answers are 40 percent more likely to be factual” than with the previous version. In recent months, ChatGPT users have often found that the chat program has produced readable but incorrect texts. The new version will also be more “human”. Morgan Stanley will already use GPT-4 to organize data and payment company Stripe is testing whether it helps fight fraud.

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Atmosphere of crisis in Google

Google has set itself years ago to be the great leader in the field of artificial intelligence. According to the US media, the rapid development of GPT by OpenAI has created a crisis atmosphere in the search engine company.

Rival Microsoft is expected to announce on Thursday how it will integrate artificial intelligence into its office software. This company recently decided to invest 10 billion in OpenAI in the coming years.

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