New Fraterhuis talks about science in film by Sabine Winters

Zwolle – On Wednesday evening, July 3, Fraterhuis Talks will focus on science in cinema. In this talk, philosopher of science Sabine Winters examines the relationship between science and fiction using different parts of film.

Science in film, decoy or inspiration

Fiction and science – do they enhance or limit each other? How does the film make this tension clear? During this lecture, independent philosopher of science Sabine Winters examines the relationship between science and fiction using parts of film, from Fantastic Voyage (1966) to After Yang (2021).

Sabine Winters is an independent philosopher of science. She combines her work as an arts and technology programmer at Lindenberg Theater with teaching classes, including at ArtEZ University of the Arts. She also lectures on cinema and philosophy and is involved in creating interdisciplinary research programmes.

Brother’s House Talks

Filmtheater Fraterhuis presents Fraterhuis Talks. Short lectures on social topics in cinema and visual culture by changing guest speakers. Fraterhuis Talks are held every first Wednesday evening of every month from 8:15pm to 9:15pm in the Fraterhuis. After the lecture there will be an opportunity to have drinks and talk. The entrance fee of €7.50 includes a ticket to a film screening of your choice in the Fraterhuis.

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