New on streaming this week: New season of The Umbrella Academy, new series Man vs. Bee, Loot, Chloe and the new Marvel movie Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness and the Belgian Oscar movie Un Monde

The end of the auditions looms, the exodus period is approaching and the festival season is gradually starting at full speed, but that does not mean that the streaming services are slowing down. Next week, the big titles will stumble upon each other and also that big finale of Season 4 of Weird things Coming so we have exactly one week to watch the new season of Umbrella Academy To watch as well as see a number of new series. There is no time to waste!


Umbrella Academy It launched on Netflix in 2019 and has since grown into a huge success for the streaming service. The new season has been waiting for nearly two years and that’s a long time in the broadcasting grounds. Early in the season, the family is expanded again when the siblings end up on an alternate schedule. in the new third season Not only do special effects look great again – post-production for the series took about a year – we also see how Vanya transforms into Victor. It’s a lovely tribute from the page makers Elliot, who has declared himself transgender since season two and replaced his first name Elaine with Elliot. The fact that this story somehow made it into Season 3 is not only a good example of how inclusivity can be approached, but it also makes this Season 3 the most personal Elliot Page’s work likely.

Totally new Netflix he is male vs. Bee, a series of ten episodes barely ten minutes. The fact that we’re looking at this is above average because the series is entirely about a man who gets involved in a fight with a bee. The man in question is played by Rowan’ Mr. Bean’ Atkinson. And that makes us really curious.

on me Amazon Prime Video Did they manage to warm us up again renal† The new series in collaboration with the BBC revolves around Becky Green, a lonely and insecure girl who looks up to Chloe, a girl who was once Becky’s childhood friend but is now an influencer. When Chloe died suddenly after trying to call Becky twice as well, Becky was determined to find out what had happened. She gains a new identity and conquers the world she was once obsessed with. This series has already been praised in the UK.

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+ Apple TV does with Looting Another attempt to launch a comedy series something they already know Ted Lasso It was successful. Face Looting She is Maya Rudolph, an American actress who has starred in numerous series and films, and won an Emmy for her work in Saturday Night Live Also known as the judge of good place Or a cosmic sound from a monster hormone big mouth† in Looting She plays Molly, a woman who has been separated from her husband of twenty years and decides to use her massive $87 billion capital to revive her charity. Makers already earn their lines Parks and recreational resortsmaster of nothing And the 30 rocks It can only be recommended. The first three episodes are now available to watch.

And for those who really have a lot of time, there is still La Casa de Babel: Koreakorean remake of spanish Netflix-He hits. In it, a number of criminals come together to commit the largest bank robbery that Korea has ever seen, led by a man who calls himself the Professor. Yay!


It’s been clear for some time that the time between showing a movie in the cinema and the day you can watch the same movie during broadcast is getting shorter and shorter. Marvel Remake will be released in a few days Thor: Love and Thunder In the cinema. Previous – Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness – It’s also on the show there, but it can be streamed already Disney + And that’s only 2.5 months after it was released in cinemas. In this, Dr. Strange gets busy again when the multiverse opens. When it turns out that there are evil versions and monsters inside, Doctor Strange realizes that this is not a task he can handle alone and enlists the help of Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). It is recommended to watch the WandaVision series on Disney+ before watching this movie. Although this movie is in chronology after Spider-Man: There is no room for home It comes in the MCU and this movie has also been referenced multiple times, and there is no sign of a release date for this movie on Disney+ yet.

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You can watch completely different kind of movies on Streamz +† Smaller on the inside On Mond The world can no longer be like this. A gem of 72 minutes, this movie is set entirely in the elementary school playground where young Nora, who is starting her first class, attends class. It is the school where her brother Abel also studies. When Nora sees her brother being bullied, he doesn’t want his sister to tell her father. Nora finds herself torn between the will to help and the desire to integrate into her new school. This highly noteworthy film was director Laura Wandel’s directorial debut and Belgium’s Oscar nomination in 2021.

You can go to Netflix for the man from toronto, a new movie starring Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson and Kaley Cuoco, among others. “The Man from Toronto” is the nickname of the world’s most dangerous killer. Teddy, on the other hand, is a New York fail. When they stay at the same Airbnb address, they mingle with each other. This forces them to work together.

on me he is come on come on Available, is one of the biggest contenders for Film of the Year in our opinion, and therefore you shouldn’t miss it under any circumstances. Joaquin Phoenix plays Johnny, a radio journalist and the uncle of Jesse, his nine-year-old nephew. He hasn’t done much with the Uncle role yet, until he is unexpectedly forced to take care of Jesse because his mother Viv has to take care of Paul, Jesse’s father who suffers from bipolar disorder.

also on For subscribers sooner he is kiara Available to rent, the end of director Jonas Carpignano’s trilogy. Having previously highlighted refugees and Roma in Calabria, Carpignano concludes his trilogy about southern Italy with a photo of a girl discovering her father’s double life after he suddenly disappeared the day after the party for her 18th birthday.

on me Disney + Is there finally Trevor: the musician, the illustrated version of the play on Broadway. Trevor: The musical is about a thirteen-year-old boy with a vivid imagination searching for his identity and his place in the world. Trigger Warning: This play depicts suicidal thoughts.

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Old movies

When our favorite movie of 2018, we have to dedicate a paragraph to it: first man Wakes up Netflix† Four years after its release, this movie is still underrated and we have to admit: We weren’t overly indulgent up front with an Astronaut movie. It’s courtesy of Damien Chazelle (from injury And the no no land) We can now be full of praise for this autobiography of Neil Armstrong, which Ryan Gosling performs lively. The young director wanted to treat this film as a thriller and he succeeded. Chazelle managed to make an impressive and fragile film. this is not ‘Make America great again!A movie, but a lesson in humility before the universe.

Documentary and factual

on me Disney + Are we through Have you seen this man? In only three episodes. In this mini-series based on the podcast series of the same name, we’re looking for Jon Ruffo, an international con artist. He appears to be an ordinary bald computer salesman, but on a cold autumn day in 1998 he is kindly asked to present himself in a Brooklyn prison for seventeen years after his conviction, rent a car, and then drive to Queens to remove his car. Ankle bracelet takes $600 and disappears. It would be the start of a 24-year search.

We will be closed this week Netflix With a dose of gloating with the new reality series snowflake mountain† The subject of this series is a number of teenagers who used to have all the luxuries in their youth and are now unable to stand on their own two feet. They never had to empty the dishwasher, failed to find or keep a job, and ran out of steam in the morning without an arsenal of makeup. Youngsters are dropped into the British Lake District where they have to survive without all the luxuries they are used to. We said it anyway: Fun!

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