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The history of science contains many big names, but it also includes many people who have remained invulnerable despite their important discoveries. Not surprisingly, this often applies to women. The ability to study, find a job in science, the opportunity for promotion and professorship, and obtain the right credentials for work: it has always been more difficult for women, especially in the last century. They did not get the appreciation they deserved, even though they did everything they could for science.

Science journalist Ida Heinzmann tries to correct this in her new podcast. Heinzmann studied physics and astronomy at UVA and currently works in the science program to focusalthough podcast fans may know her primarily through her equally interesting and entertaining podcast series glad to meet you, with special stories about first names. in It’s all for science The lives of important female scientists are discussed in five episodes. She researches their heritage and talks to experts and people who knew them. She creates the most layered portrait of her characters, trying to better understand their personalities and the times they lived in.

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