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Fortnite’s latest season has ended. Season 6 features wild animals that can be tamed. New unique sites have also been added.

Before they could jump into the new season, players first had to play a part of the Fortnite story. Chickens, pigs and wolves can be found in the new Fortnite world. These animals can pass through A player to be tamed Then the animals can help the player. Tamed wolves, for example, help players find valuables. They can also support the player in attacking other players or as a means of transport.

In addition to chickens, wolves, and pigs, according to Fortnite developer Epic Games, there is another animal running on Fortnite Island. This animal is at the top of the food chain, but any animal that is Epic Games is hiding a secret for now.

The story of the end of the Zero Crisis

The trailer announcing the season focused on the story of Zero Crisis. Zero Crisis is a game mode where players as Agent Jones complete a number of missions that, according to the developer, change reality as we know it. Part of this story is highlighted in the trailer, and it can be seen that Jones is focusing on the massive gate that can be found in the center of the map.

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Several characters have reached the Fortnite universe through this portal, such as the movie character Ripley from alien at By Terminator. In the story, Agent Jones searches for a way to close the gate. Players must complete this story before they can start the new season’s multiplayer game.

Fortnite map changes

The new season called Primal brings a number of new additions to keep the game fresh. For example, there is New locations around the map, Especially the new center of the map. What was once a desert full of crystals has now turned into a sea of ​​leaves and a huge spiral mountain called in the middle The IUD“.

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