Noises at stake: Why President Joe Biden hasn’t contacted America’s longtime allies in the Middle East yet

The Turkish president did not stop at the issue of the 13 bodies, but rather increased the risks of conflict. In his speech at the party conference, he sent a clear message to Washington: “Colonialism is over! If we are in NATO together, you have to be good with us. Don’t stand by the terrorists!”

Erdogan appears to have viewed the attack as the best defense. Because Biden has not contacted him yet, and the Turkish president – even without discovering the 13 bodies – can expect that the first conversation will not be very friendly. Biden described Erdogan as a “despot” during the election campaign. He denounced the Turkish policy towards the Kurds and the opposition. Under former President Donald Trump, Erdogan has always eluded the privacy policy options that have fallen into the hearts of NATO allies.

Trump released Erdogan for an offensive in northern Syria asking the YPG to withdraw away. He turned a blind eye to the at times brutal behavior of the jihadist militias that Turkey supported and its leaders in that attack. Nor was he worried about Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft system. He paid no attention to the tensions between Turkey and Greece over the claims of the Mediterranean or the future of Cyprus.

All that could change drastically with Biden. In Greece, they feel relieved and happy to be appointed; Athens is counting on Washington to take a clear stance now with the Greek side. It remains to be seen whether this is true. Certainly, Biden Erdogan will not allow the same leeway as Trump. For reasons of principle and strategy, the White House will increase pressure on Erdogan, albeit very cautiously. The Turkish army remains the second largest army in NATO (after the US Armed Forces). Total secession from Turkey is almost out of the question, however Work as usual He was no longer acceptable to Biden, either.

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