North Korea is angry at Biden’s “war rhetoric”: “It is impermissible and a fatal mistake.” abroad

North Korea is furious over recent statements made by US President Joe Biden and members of his cabinet. According to the Asian country, it appears that it is “intent on continuing its hostile policy towards North Korea.”

According to the official North Korean News Agency, a foreign ministry spokesman accused Washington of insulting the dignity of the country’s top leadership by criticizing the human rights situation in North Korea.

The spokesman, who was not named, said: “The criticism of human rights is a provocation that shows that the United States is preparing for a comprehensive confrontation with North Korea, and it will be answered in the same way.”

Kwon Jung-joon, director general of the US State Department, responded to Biden’s first political speech to Congress last Wednesday. In it he said that The nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran posed threats They will be dealt with through “diplomacy and strict deterrence.” Kwon said Biden’s speech was “unacceptable” and “a fatal mistake.”


On Wednesday, Joe Biden announced to Congress that he would use “diplomacy and harsh deterrence” to thwart Pyongyang’s nuclear plans. The aim of the Americans is “a complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

It is not clear exactly how the United States government will do this. It looks like South Korea and Japan will closely share the plans. Although Biden is distancing himself from the approach of former President Donald Trump, the new administration wants to be more decisive than Barack Obama.

On April 21, South Korean President Moon asked Jae-in for a phone call with his US counterpart to resume negotiations with Pyongyang.

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