Not all NVMe SSDs are compatible with AMD SmartAccess storage

Not all NVME SSDs will be compatible with AMD’s new SmartAccess storage. SSDs must meet the minimum requirements in order to take advantage of the technology.

AMD announced SmartAccess Storage on Computex. It’s their implementation of Microsoft DirectStorage, the DirectX API that makes it possible to copy files directly from the SSD to the video card, where they are extracted. This can significantly reduce game load times.

Frank Azor from AMD has fallen in range Interview with PCWorld Be aware that a PCIe 4.0 or even 5.0 SSD is not necessarily suitable for SmartAccess storage. The drive must meet a number of minimum requirements. These requirements are still unknown, but a list of supported SSDs is being worked on. For DirectStorage from Microsoft, it is sufficient to use any PCie 3.0+ nvme-ssd slot.

Below is the full interview with PCWorld. The relevant piece begins at 6:30 p.m.

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