NPO is scrapping money for film and television development

The Netherlands Public Broadcasting Corporation (NPO) cancels the financial contributions of a number of projects created in recent decades to stimulate the development of talent among film and television makers. The production of “KORT!” Will be discontinued. And “De Straat” and “De Overreken”, all designed to provide young entrepreneurs with the opportunity to produce their work. It is not clear whether the new initiatives will replace it.

Film Fund, which has collaborated with NPO on these projects, reports this on its website. NPO will also immediately halt additional contributions to telescope films. This project was created to give a boost to public films. Thanks to the telescope money, major cinematic hits such as “Alles is Liefde”, “Michiel de Ruyter”, “Minoes” and “Banker” of the Resistance can be achieved.

NPO is working on new charts, according to Film Fund. However, it is not clear how much funds are available for this purpose and when these new regulations should take shape.

Both the Film Fund and the CoBo Fund, which distribute the income that comes through the cable companies, hope that they can continue the projects in an alternate form.

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