Nuclear watchdog says Iran is supervising its nuclear program…

Iran partially prevents oversight of its nuclear program. The International Atomic Energy Agency announced this on Sunday.

A spokesman for the International Atomic Energy Agency said that Iran prevented the inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency from entering the workshop for the manufacture of parts of centrifuges used in uranium enrichment.

Rafael Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, reached an agreement with Iran on September 12 that allows the agency to resume maintenance of monitoring equipment and replace storage media, so the agency can monitor the disputed nuclear program without interruption.

The International Atomic Energy Agency said the agreement was implemented everywhere except for the centrifuge workshop in Karaj, west of Tehran. There was also an incident at the Karaj site in June that damaged the cameras of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Then the Iranian media described it as a failed act of sabotage.

Quickly transform into weapons

The expansion of Iran’s enrichment facilities with increasingly powerful centrifuges is a source of concern for the International Atomic Energy Agency and the international community. Processed uranium has such a high degree of purity that it can be processed relatively faster into a material suitable for weapons.

Iran breached the agreed terms of the 2015 nuclear deal in 2019 after the United States withdrew from it. The deal was intended to make it more difficult for Tehran to develop nuclear weapons.

Negotiations to revive the Iran nuclear deal began in Vienna in April, but were suspended after Iran changed the government in June.

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