Only a quarter of the Dutch can consider themselves financially healthy

In collaboration with ING, Nibud and Leiden University, he studied the financial situation of five thousand Dutch families.

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in search who Financial Times In the message, not only issues such as debt or income were considered, but also, for example, respondents’ condition, attitudes, behavior and feelings in relation to income, spending, saving, borrowing and planning. According to researchers, only 27 percent of those surveyed are doing well.

They say there is a need for broader research into “financial health” because “in this country there seems to be only two options. With financial problems, you are unhealthy, without being healthy. But this is very black and white. A representation of reality.”

According to the researcher, a person is financially healthy if he can comfortably fulfill current and ongoing obligations and pursue life goals with financial security.

Women are financially unhealthy

Among the respondents there are differences between men and women. The latter group reported lower quality results in most areas. For example, men have higher incomes, can live better, have larger savings bumps and better expect their incomes.

Moreover, people in large cities are less likely to be financially healthy than anywhere else, according to the researchers, because more self-employed and young people live there. In addition, they often have to deal with circumstances such as divorce and retirement.

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