‘Onset’ and ‘Three Days’ Nominated for Belgian Podcast Awards: Vote Now!

Putting the many podcasts in our country in the spotlight and inspiring more people to create podcasts: this is the goal of Martin Buffy (aka Cloud City Podcast), who is organizing the Belgian Podcast Awards for the first time this year. The awards ceremony will take place on November 25, and two podcasts on Radio 1 are also nominated: “Onstelt” (in the “Lifestyle, Society and Health” category) and “Drie Dagen” (in the “Documentary” category).

You can vote via belgianpodcastawards.be. In the shortcut menu, tap Three Days and Time Period, then tap Vote at the bottom left. To vote, you must first register with Checkpod.


On average, a woman bleeds 2,000 days in her life. But we prefer not to talk about menstruation. However, 8 out of 10 women have problems with their menstrual cycle. Where does this taboo come from? What is a “normal” period and when do you have a problem? What is the effect of hormones on your health and mood? In the four-part podcast “Beginning”, science journalist Lisbeth Gijsl All “menstrual cycle questions” about the menstrual cycle. The women tell their story. Experts provide text and explanation.

The period is a collaboration between Eos Science and Radio 1.

Listen to the podcast “period” on our website or via your favorite podcast app.

Three days

Elvir wants to die. You asked for euthanasia. But the doctors accompanying her on her euthanasia request want Elvier to inform her children of her plans first. Otherwise, it will not pass. But this is easier said than done.

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Elver tells the story of her life in three days on the Belgian coast to journalists Ward Bogart employment Philip Heymans, and on In van WeemerschHalle Vilford, attorney. They will write it down until Elvire dies in the end. Three Days is a four-part podcast by Radio 1 and VRT NWS.

Listen to the “Three Days” podcast on our website, or via your favorite podcast app.

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