Opponents of the Military Council in Myanmar unite in a “unity government” | abroad

Opponents of Myanmar’s military rulers announced that they would form a “government of national unity”. In it, MPs, protest leaders and people from ethnic minorities are being expelled, with the goal of ending military rule and restoring democracy.

The military seized power on February 1 and imprisoned government leader Aung San Suu Kyi, among others. The Nobel Prize winner had won the election in November, according to the Army by rigging. The detained politician is also on the list of members of the unity government and is said to be aware of it.

The country has been the scene of widespread protests in recent months, which have been brutally crushed. The security forces killed more than 700 people, according to local organizations.

The political leaders of the Suu Kyi Party, among others, are trying to make it clear to the world that they are the legitimate authority. They are seeking international support and recognition, as happened with the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaid√≥. “We are the democratically elected leaders of Myanmar,” said Sasa, Minister for International Cooperation in the unity government.

“Please welcome the people’s government,” veteran activist Min Ko Ning said in a video announcing the unity government. He admits that much remains to be done. “We are trying to get rid of this and we will have to sacrifice a lot.” The military council, against which Western countries have imposed sanctions, has yet to respond. The generals reject any form of foreign intervention.

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