“Paddleton” is a thin drama about the last days of the bromance

Michael is terminally ill. The Doctor says this to him in the opening scene of “Paddleton,” which can be seen on Netflix. Still, Andy wants to hear it again. Who is Andy? This is Michael’s neighbor. (Mark Duplass) and Andy (Ray Romano) have been neighbors for years. Furthermore. In the evening, they eat pizza on Michael’s sofa and the two watch their favorite kung fu movie for the umpteenth time. They play a paddleton, a kind of squash, together on the back of the screen in the car cinema.

Two men in shorts, their faces filled with a lifeline. Apart from each other, they look a little lonely, almost messy. But their daily routine together is familiar, and almost warm. With director Michael Lehman, Mark Duplass (The One I Love) wrote a fluffy and sweet drama screenplay about the final days of an erratic affair. Michael wants a remedy to end his life prematurely. Together they will do it. They spent six hours in the car together.

In beautifully detailed scenes about people speaking in incomplete sentences, the relationship makers draw a relationship from just a few words but of great significance. Michael and Andy ended up at an ostrich farm, and in a Danish-themed town where the two stranded men from “Sideways” were also washed away. In the quarrels, the two men set their new position: “I am dying!” “I am the other!” With adorable lightness and wisdom, the filmmakers sum up life in a green shirt with the word hangman word game. The shirt that Andy gave Michael one time as a gift. Two characters were entered, but the rest were not resolved.

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