Park Hae-soo (Sang-woo from ‘Squid Game’) Officially Announces Korean Version of ‘La Casa de Papel’

This Friday, December 3, 2021, the Spanish series ends Stealing money. But soon fans will have something new to watch. There will be a remake of the series in South Korea and we will be able to find many familiar faces in it.

On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, Netflix held a major event to mark the end of Stealing money in order to celebrate. Also featured was Park Hye-soo, who we got to know this year as Sang Woo squid game. He had big news about the South Korean version of Stealing money.

house of paper

korean version of Stealing money Must house of paper called, which is simply Stealing moneyOr “paper house” in Korean. We will also see several characters from the Spanish version in the Korean version. Park Hae Soo has already announced that he will play the role of Berlin.

But things will also be different in the remake. For example, Park has already revealed that the gang will not have Dali masks. He does not yet want to decide which masks the Korean thieves will wear. “You’ll find that early next year.” korean version of Stealing money So it will likely be released on Netflix as early as 2022.


Next to Park Hae Soo who we know from squid gameIn the Korean version of the first series, some familiar faces appear. For example, Jeon Jong-seo, who played the lead role in the South Korean movie burningPlaying the role of Tokyo. Yoo Ji Tae plays the role of mastermind Professor. He is best known for his role as Lee Woo-jin in the movie big boyIt is considered by many to be one of the best South Korean films of all time. Moscow is played by Lee Won-jong (Dear friendsAnd possessed), Kim Ji Hoon (The stars are falling from the skyHe will take on the role of Denver, Jang Yoon Joo (better known as Host The next top model in Korea(Nairobi, Ryo played by Lee Hyung Woo)Secret to a great extent), Kim Ji Hoon plays Helsinki (not the same as above, known from Untouchable(en Lee Kyu-ho)The dog you ran into) He plays Oslo.

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Park Myung Hoon, Die in parasite He played Oh Geun-sae (the man who lived downstairs) and in landing crash on you She appeared as Go Myeong-seok, will Cho Young Min Korean play Arturo. The role of Yoon Mi Sun, Korean Monica / Stockholm, played by Lee Joo Bin (Mr. Sunshine). The police team plays Kim Yun-jin (Sun from Lost) in a Kim Sung-oh (korean odyssey). They respectively play Seon Woo-jin, Korean Raquel/Lisboa, and Cha Moo-hyuk, Korean Ángel Rubio.

La Casa de Papel Koreaanse Team
Meanwhile, Park Jung-woo has been replaced by Lee Hyung-woo – Source: Netflix
La Casa de Papel Koreaanse Team

Watch Park Hae-soo’s ad here:

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