Payday 3 is getting an “offline” single-player mode… which requires you to be online

The afflicted Payday 3 After 9 months of release, it finally has an “offline” solo mode, although there is a feature. After all, you still have to be online.

Today’s update adds a new heist, as well as a Solo Mode in the beta. The developers themselves admit that this is not what they had in mind yet, but for now this is what we are getting. Launching Solo mode in this way now provides the opportunity to see how everything works, so that adjustments can be made if necessary.

But what exactly is this new solo mode? It’s basically a play mode that lets you play Payday 3 yourself, with work previously done by the servers now being handled by the local PC. This would affect performance anyway, because the computer is subject to a greater load.

The single-player mode in its current form seems like a stepping stone towards a true offline mode, which players have been clamoring for since the release of Payday 3. An offline mode was also promised very quickly, but it seems to be difficult to achieve. The result is that the current solo mode isn’t actually what you’d expect from an offline mode at all.

To start with the current single-player mode, players must first connect online to the Payday 3 servers and only then can they play offline. However, if you want to save your progress, you must reconnect to the online servers before closing the game.

So saving data locally is not an option yet, it seems. However, the ambition seems to be to offer an offline mode in the long term, and although this seems like a first step in that direction, the question remains whether it will happen. And when? This will be the case then offline mode will appear.

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