Pentagon report: No evidence that UFOs are extraterrestrial, but…

A new report says that US intelligence has found no evidence that the unidentified flying objects observed over the past two decades came from extraterrestrials. But what flew around could not be removed either.

Last year, the US government revived a task force dealing with identification of unidentified flying objects, although it no longer calls them so. The Pentagon coined the term Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena (UAP) in December 2017 to replace UFOs because it was too risky.

But no matter what you call it, even the long-awaited report from this task force is inconclusive on the more than 120 unexplained views over the past 20 years, say senior officials who have already been able to see the report. On New York times. By the way, these are reliable observers, and in many cases military pilots, as was the case with the photos Released last year.

It was not caused by the military or American technology, but researchers have not been able to find an explanation for this phenomenon. For example, regarding the speed of objects, or their ability to change direction, they keep groping in the dark.

According to intelligence, it is possible to interpret some of these scenes as experimental technology from other great powers. The fear is that China or Russia is testing hypersonic technology.

Precisely because it cannot be explained exactly what the objects or phenomena are, the government cannot rule out that the phenomena are still extraterrestrial in nature, according to the report, which will be officially presented later this month.

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