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March 6, 2021 Update: People Can Fly returns to change Outriders’ demo in response to complaints about an earlier change that was intended to tackle heavy farming.

The developer released a server-side update to allow Gauss’s Boss Chest to drop Legends the day before yesterday to prevent all Chests from dropping Legendary items.

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People Can Fly said in a tweet: “After hearing very reasonable comments from the community, we enabled the Gauss Chief Fund to take down Legendaries again because we actually need to reward the bosses.”

However, the other funds were still unable to drop the myths. This means that the previously available popular triple chest runner game is still not available for those raising Legends before the Outriders launch on April 1.

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Original story March 5, 2021: Outriders Demo was popular – more than 2 million people downloaded it – but it also has some issues that developers are eager to address.

Chief among them is the extensive cultivation of powerful items, which players will perform in anticipation of the appropriate game release on April 1, 2021.

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Outriders’ demo progression continues in the main game and you can replay a lot of the demo content over and over again, hoping to defeat a very powerful element of a box or enemy.

Hence, players generate a demo to fill in their mod library and gain many legends (I was able to capture my country while playing it).

Bee Latest RedditDeveloper People Can Fly said this “front loading” of progression within the demo could affect the balance of the progression system in the main game.

People Can Fly said, “Of course every player’s decision is how to play the game for themselves, and we don’t want people to be prevented from using the experimental equipment if they are enjoying it.”

“However, we want to make sure that this process is not overly simplistic, easy or vulnerable to exploitation.”

It wasn’t long before Outriders’ demos discovered a “plunder cave” with a triple tour, took advantage of the merchant, and used it for heavy farming.

Here’s how it works (soon succeeded): Move to World Level 5 (this will give you the best chance to get the Legendary Drop in the demo), select a “Facing Change in Tower” story point in the lobby, load the game and then run around to open the three adjacent boxes . You don’t have to fight. Once you’ve unlocked the three chests, go back to the lobby and repeat.

In response, People Can Fly will release a back-end beta update today, March 5 at 3 PM UK time, shifting farming to in-game mechanics that “may be more fun for players to play and repeat”.

To that end, Epic Items will no longer appear in Stores and Suppliers on demo, and Boxes will not drop Legendary items anymore. Instead, Side Quest rewards (on frequent runs) now get a chance to drop Legendary items. As a result, those who want to develop Legend in Demo will now have to play side missions.

Note: Sprint rejection rates are unchanged. So go ahead and kill that captain. Again over and over again.

These are the legendary stumbling Outriders from the demo.

There is more change to offer. People Can Fly said the patch, which will go into effect early next week, will add motion jamming switches for all platforms, shorten fine-tuning time, and address computer crashes.

As the game’s release nears, People Can Fly said it will witness annoying camera shake during cinematic scenes, improve the cover system, and find a way to help players recover items that have mysteriously disappeared.

Meanwhile, People Can Fly said she cheated on the Outriders’ demo (it didn’t take long!). Some players have used third-party software to modify game files and save data for their own benefit. For an online co-op game, this is clearly a problem.

People Can Fly said it can spot cheaters “relatively easily” through its backend and promised that “their actions should not affect their usual gameplay or collaborative experience.” Fingers crossed.

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