Phil Spencer says Halo Infinite release date has been cut back to ‘a few weeks’

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Although the company infinite radiance Xbox chief Phil Spencer has clarified that with no release date set yet, internal conversations at Microsoft about the game’s release date have dwindled from months to a few weeks from the holiday 2021 release window. Last seen On the Drop Frames podcast.

“We’ll have more clarity in the summer, but that’s not common, it’s only been a few weeks,” Spencer said. “Instead of picking this day and having to move around for a week, which may seem like a failure at this point, we don’t want to do that, so let’s wait until we’re really strong in time.”

Spencer also said that Microsoft is investigating the timing of other game releases when it comes to acquiring them infinite radiance on store shelves. Some online commentators have assumed that the publisher wants to avoid competition with a file Rumor Task Release – new installments in Activision’s first-person shooter series that’s been in steady decline since 2003 – but it’s also possible that Microsoft just wanted to offer its other big exclusives, Forza Horizon 5, room to breathe when it launches on November 9.

infinite radiance I was originally intended For release alongside Xbox Series X on November 10, 2020, but you missed the next date It reveals less than excellent gameplay and the later delay. The highly anticipated game has since been publicly linked to a Holiday 2021 release, though dun Leaving Creative Director Tim Longo and Head of Studio 343 Industries Chris Lee.

Multiplayer, which got big show At E3 earlier this month, it will appear alongside the single-player launch infinite radiance The campaign as a separate free play experience.

“The team is very committed to the holiday, we feel good about that,” Spencer added during the interview. ‘The way that [head of Halo production Pierre Hintz] and the [head of creative Joseph Staten] They run the team, I have a good feeling for the confidence we have in the quality and performance of the match.”

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