Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners won’t be able to use two calling features for a while

Robert Treggs / Android Authority

T.L. Doctor

  • Google has confirmed that it has temporarily disabled both Pixel 6 connectivity features.
  • Check Call and Wait for me is now unavailable due to an undisclosed bug in the December 2021 Pixel 6 security update.
  • There is no word on when the bug will be fixed and the features will be rolled back.

some Google Pixel 6 en Pixel 6 Pro owners in the end December 2021 security patch last week. However, some are still waiting and we can now speculate as to why Google has delayed the rollout. Google confirmed that the security update contained some bugs that for some reason forced the company to disable Pixel 6 connectivity features indefinitely.

Perhaps Google should have continued to work on this patch.

according to Post to Google Support Forums“Hold For Me” and Call Screening are paused due to “December Android update bug”. The post adds that the Pixel software team is “actively working to resolve this issue.” Google did not say why the bug disables calling features, nor did it provide a timeline for when the bug would be fixed.

Call screening allows the Google Assistant to answer all calls from numbers that are not part of your regular contacts, thus blocking calls from bots and obvious spammers. Hold For Me lets you connect to a company, with Google Duplex taking the lead if it detects a recorded message or a bot so that the actual human on the other end takes over.

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