Platform 31 knowledge and network organization for the city and region

Some examples of Proeftuin Donderberg’s activities

The role of the community worker

A community worker from Wel.kom chairing a network meeting in the neighborhood. Based on his knowledge of the neighborhood, he can relate issues to facilities and initiatives in the neighborhood.

GP practices case advice

Social worker from AMW– ML, Experience Worker and Psychiatrist have a monthly consultation with a GP and GPA – Mental Health Care (abbreviated: POHGGZ) On the science of issues from general practice. Together, they create what’s called “1.5 line care,” which means fewer people need a referral.

A psychiatrist on the road with POH Mental health care

a POH-ggz and a psychiatrist together visiting a Donderberg resident in desperate need; Registration may be required. Together, they discuss possibilities for creating peace. Due to the speed of the procedure, recording is not necessary, even pointing to a file GGZ not necessary.

Sleep prevention approach

from GGD-LN AMW-Ml , CJG-ML, Wel.kom, Roermond Municipality and he met Mental Health Care, with support from the Kempenhagy Sleep Medicine Center, is developing a preventative program aimed at improving sleep. At its core, it is about providing information aimed at professionals in the neighborhood and at-risk groups. The general practitioner practices are also trained in treating sleep problems.

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