Police will question Jos B again about his disappearance and death …

Goss B is interrogated again in Nikki Verstappen’s profile
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Jos B. , Who was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison in November for the death of Dutch boy Nikki Verstappen, will be questioned again next week. The prosecution admits that it is an unusual step to re-examine the convicted person after an appeal has been filed.

Police will re-question Jos B. Convicted in Nikki Verstappen Case. The Public Prosecution confirmed this.

The spokesperson was unable to specify when and why. A Maastricht court ruled B. Nicky’s death.

The prosecution demanded a fifteen-year prison sentence and a compulsory deposit. B. and OM resumed. An OM spokesperson said on Saturday that it is not uncommon for someone to be questioned by police during an appeal, but that it does happen sometimes.

Read OOK. “Indisputable evidence that Gus B. abused and killed 11-year-old Nikki Verstappen.”

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