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Jose Mourinho compared the retention and passing figures to an exaggerated taste, which was very reassuring, but was brought to the table as he continued to preserve the style he had consistently played at Tottenham. Wednesday 2-1 defeat at Liverpool.

Before admitting the 90th-minute winner to Roberto Firmino, the manager argued that he and his players had created two guild-edge chances of a 1-1 draw. J ஜூrgen Klopp saw it differently, with the Liverpool manager making a post-cut observation based on the numbers, which showed that Spurs’ 19th had 200 passes in the final three. “If you ask me now, I don’t remember 19,” he said.

Mourinho was asked about his thoughts on being appointed Globe Man of the Year At the Best FIFA Awards To which he replied that Bayern Munich’s Hansie Flick could not believe it had not won. He was very direct and detailed when answering questions about his approach to Spurs, who finished second in the Premier League three points behind Liverpool.

“You like the word possession, you like figures,” Mourinho said as he prepared for Leicester’s arrival on Sunday. “It’s like the performance of the players, sometimes you say: ‘Statistics say that Player B had 92% performance in his mastery.’ But the statistics do not say that the player made only a two meter pass, he did not say that the player was a center-back, he only went to the other center-back, or a number 6 who passed only the number 8.

“The guy who had 65% performance in his pass was the guy who helped, the guy who made the efficient pass, the guy who did 60 meter passes to change the direction of the play. So the figures are many, many times incredible meat or fish but badly told. [much] The number of goals you score and the number of opportunities you create. ”

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Mourinho said he is open to every style. “It depends on the circumstances, the opponent, your players, your weaknesses. Sometimes when they see people in the lower divisions playing the way the best players do and then making incredible mistakes, I feel it’s wrong because they don’t have enough quality. I assure you no one else knows. “

The Tottenham manager was asked if the review of his approach was justified when Chelsea stumbled and Manchester City struggled and Arsenal were in the freefall.

“If you want to write an article like you said [in] Your words are not my words – ‘Man City did not play well, Chelsea did not play well, people are not fair to criticize you’ – then you change your mind and you do not need to ask me that question, ”he replied. “So do it. I hope your question already shows that you should not look at me the way others do. Because if you look at me the way you look at others, you will write an article. ”

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Mourinho said he didn’t care if he got admiration or recognition, he said with a smile: “Well, when I came [at Chelsea in 2004] I was a little arrogant of what you were used to, maybe I was [looking for recognition] But I do not [now]. ”

Mourinho said if anyone deserves recognition, it should be Flickr, who has won the Bundesliga, the German Cup, the Champions League, the German Super Cup and the European Super Cup this year, but not the best FIFA award.

“The only chance for Flick to win is for Bayern to win two or three new matches,” he said. “If he had won seven titles in one season, he probably would have won the award. Bad picture. ”

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