President Biden in a touching speech after Floyd’s trial: “A big step forward toward justice.”

Two hours after the verdict, President Joe Biden gave a moving speech. He described Floyd’s death as “a murder in broad daylight, which stunned the entire world to see it, systemic racism, a stain on the soul of our nation, a knee on the necks of justice for all Americans.”

Biden described Chauvin’s conviction as “a big step forward in our march toward justice in the United States,” but he also warned, “That’s not enough. We can’t stop here. We can and should do more to reduce the odds. Those tragedies like this could happen again.” At what time “. Along with Vice President Kamala Harris, he called on Congress to pass a Police Reform Act named after George Floyd.

Biden said: “Regardless, we as a country must face the hatred to change not only laws and policies, but also hearts and minds.” “I can not breatheThose were George Floyd’s last words. We cannot let these words die with him. We must continue to hear these words. We must not avoid our gaze. We cannot avoid our eyes. “

Watch an excerpt from Biden’s speech here, the article continues below:

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