President Macron wants to avoid embarrassing photos with African dictators and therefore does not invite any African head of state to the Franco-African summit | Abroad

French President Emmanuel Macron will host a France-Africa “summit” on Friday to which no African head of state has been invited. According to French media, this avoids “painful images with African tyrants” compared to his predecessors. Ex-French Presidents Sarkozy and Hollande were formerly Gaut’s president through nice press photos with dictators like Libyan Colonel Gaddafi.

According to the French government, the Franco-African summit is an “international meeting of large scale”. French presidents have held nearly 30 summits with their counterparts from the former French territory since 1973. It is now the first time that they are not present. Summits were often attended by leaders who had been in power for decades. This time, the Franco-African summit will continue without African heads of state.

With the new approach, according to French media, Macron immediately forbids him to appear in painful pictures with controversial dictators like his predecessors. An additional advantage is that a number of unpleasant issues do not have to be discussed. Paris is currently having problems with a number of African countries such as Algeria and Mali, and a coup has just occurred in Guinea. By holding the summit now without them, President Macron is making it easier for him.

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