Prime Minister of Sint Maarten visits Trimbos Institute to enhance cooperation in mental health

At the initiative of Sint Maarten, the delegation sought expertise in developing community mental health services, preventing and promoting mental health across age groups, integrating mental health and substance use services, and mobilizing communities for better mental health outcomes. As a centre of expertise in mental health, the Trimbos Institute was happy to provide comprehensive information on these topics. The Prime Minister provided detailed information on the context and challenges facing Sint Maarten.

Everyone in Sint Maarten gets mental health support.

The Prime Minister’s goal is to ensure that everyone in Sint Maarten has access to mental health support. Given the specific context, he advocates for a practical and comprehensive approach to addressing mental health and substance abuse. His ultimate goal is to ensure that all Sint Maartenians have access to a comprehensive range of mental health services. From initiatives that promote social support, resilience and mental wellbeing to those that help with recovery from mental illness and addiction. The Trimbos Institute strongly supports this mission.

Presentations, discussions and good practices

During the visit, the delegates were introduced to the work of the Trimbos Institute through brief presentations, followed by lively discussions and a question and answer session. Dr. Mercelina, a renowned surgeon with a keen interest in the health and well-being of young people, expressed her particular interest in these topics. The delegation was also inspired by the Trimbos Institute’s international projects, such as MENSANA Project in MoldovaHe expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to tour Enek College of Recoverya model of best practice in mental health recovery.

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Mental Health Contacts Across the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean

This successful visit paved the way for strengthening mental health communications across the Caribbean region of the Netherlands, particularly in the area of ​​public mental health prevention, promotion and care.

more information

For more information about the Dutch National Plan for Good Mental Health for All, click here: https://www.

To learn more about our role as an expert centre for mental health, click here (in Dutch):

More about Trimbos Institute: Mental Health (English) – Trimbos Institute

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