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Export to the European Union collapsed

The volume of product exports from UK ports to the European Union decreased by 68 per cent in January compared to last year. Guardian writes. According to the Road Transport Association (RHA), roughly 65 to 75 percent of trucks now return to the European Union with empty loads.

50 percent of trucks and trailers entering the Netherlands from the United Kingdom are empty, according to Dutch customs reports. 20% do not have the necessary paperwork, which is usually arranged within 24 hours. 25 percent have their documents in order and can follow up right away. “There is mutual understanding and we are doing our best to help companies reduce delays as much as possible,” said spokesman Bob Van T Kloster. Exports from the European Union, via the Netherlands to the United Kingdom, are 40 per cent less than they were a year ago.

However, these empty trailers are not leading to shortages in the Netherlands, explains Lisa Martis, spokesperson for the Central Food Trade Bureau. “We have very few English products in the supermarkets. Specific things like cheese and pies are sold in the small and specialty stores.”

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