Proud Boys leader admits plans to storm the Capitol and wants to testify against others | Abroad

Charles Donohue, one of the leaders of the American militant group The Proud Boys, admitted that he was involved in a plan to storm the Capitol in Washington on January 6, 2021. The American media reported this.

Donohue also admitted that he wanted to incite the US Electoral College to invalidate Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in the presidential election. The American also said he was willing to testify against other proud boys.

Donohue, of North Carolina, pleaded guilty to two crimes with a minimum sentence of six years in prison, including physical assault of police officers. He agreed to cooperate with his fellow defendants in the hope of receiving a lighter sentence.

Court records released on Friday show that he has already provided insight into the group’s plans and intent to disrupt the confirmation of election results in Congress.

Donohoe is the first of six incarcerated leaders of the “Proud Boys,” including former President Enrique Tarrio, to admit to organizing the attack on the Capitol and attacking law enforcement officers.

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