Pugs suffer from so many health problems that they can no longer be considered a typical dog

Researchers from the Royal Veterinary College included the 40 most common conditions in the two groups and compared how common they were in pugs and other dogs.

It found that over the course of that year, the pug was more likely to end up at the vet with cases of one or more other dogs over the course of that year.

For 23 of the 40 common conditions (57 percent), Pugs were at significantly higher risk. Conditions they were most likely to have included humeral airway obstruction syndrome – a condition caused by a short nose that can cause acute and often chronic respiratory problems – narrowing of the nostrils, inflammation of the eyes and inflammation of skin folds.

On the other hand, they were less likely to develop another 7 of the 40 common conditions (17 percent) than other dogs. These included heart murmurs, fat globules, aggression and wounds.

The researchers argue that the significant differences between the health profiles of puppies and other dogs indicate that the pug is now so different from mainstream dog breeds that it can no longer be considered a typical dog from a health perspective.

“For as long as these severe unhealthy traits persist, we will continue to strongly advise potential buyers not to purchase brachycephalic breeds such as the Pug,” Justin Shutton, chair of the British Veterinary Association, told the BBC. A call joined by Professor Dan O’Neill, Study Leader at the Royal Veterinary College.

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