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Elizabeth Every winter she has moved from the capital to the Sandringham Royal Estate for nearly a lifetime. It is also clear how long you will stay: February 6 you will spend there in principle. This date marks the day her beloved father became king in 1952 George VI She died and Elizabeth, who was at that time in Kenya on the way to Australia and New Zealand, became queen. That means she will be on the throne for 68 years this weekend.

In recent weeks, the Queen has had plenty of time to reflect on how to close the gaps in the royal agenda this year due to the “disappearance” of the princes. Andrew at Harry, at Megan. Last year, depending on the calculation method, the trio performed well for 265 to 558 public displays.

They were partially working for their charities and projects, which didn’t immediately require someone else’s intervention, but they were also on the road on behalf of the Queen and other family members should take over these tasks. This means that more work will be put on shoulders, for example William at Catherine, And on the example of the Prince Edward And his wife Sufi. According to the most number of last year, together they have represented 364 shows.

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