Reports of doubts about Joe Biden, despite his public insistence that “no one will remove him” from the election

A similar message was heard yesterday at a large meeting with all White House staff. Chief of Staff Jeff Zients met to level the playing field and call for calm, as more and more questions are being asked within their ranks about Biden’s candidacy.

Biden went from meeting to meeting yesterday to address the growing concerns. He had already spoken with Democratic leaders in the House and Senate. Afterward, the president also met with about 20 Democratic governors.

After the meeting, three governors — Tim Walz of Minnesota, Wes Moore of Maryland, and Kathy Hochul of New York — addressed reporters at the White House and stressed that they still support the president.

Governor Moore said it was an “honest” and “sincere” conversation. “If you love someone, you’re honest with them,” Moore said. “We were honest about the feedback we got (after the discussion, ed.).” He added that as long as the president remains committed and does everything he can, “we will continue to support him.”

“We’re in it to win,” he said several times. Walz also responded: “All the governors agree with that. President Biden agrees with that. He’s supported us through COVID, through the recovery, through everything that’s happened.” “The governors support him. We’re working together: The path to victory in November is the number one priority, including the president.”

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