Restaurant chains in England now have to include calories on their menus

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Restaurants and large chains in England are now required to specify how many calories each dish contains on their menus.

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The commitment, which went into effect on Wednesday, applies to chains, restaurants and cafes with at least 250 locations and covers all unpackaged food and soft drinks. The government launched this measure as part of its anti-obesity strategy.

According to official figures, nearly two-thirds of adults in England are overweight and one in three children leave primary school at an unhealthy weight. “Obesity is one of the biggest health problems we face here in the country,” a spokesperson for the Department of Health said. “Clear data about foods plays an important role in helping people make healthy choices for themselves and their families.”

Critics fear, however, that counting calories in restaurants can also have unwanted side effects. For example, the relief organization Beat has criticized the government for failing to obtain expert advice on the impact that innovation can have on people with eating disorders.

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