Rolling out July security update for Android: later than usual

We had to wait a little longer than usual, but the July 2021 Android Security Update is finally rolling out. The patch does not bring any major innovations or new features and can be downloaded immediately.

Read on after the announcement.

July 2021 Android Security Update Available

July has already arrived and that means we are in the middle of the year. It’s also time for a new security update and it’s rolling out now. The manufacturer Google develops this security update for Android and then sends it to other manufacturers. They can then work on adapting it to their device, when necessary. So if you have a Google Pixel smartphone in your pocket, you will most likely receive updates first.

The update is no longer available for every Google Pixel ever released, because first and second generations of devices no longer receive updates. Practically speaking, this means that if you have a Google Pixel 3 or later, the update can be downloaded now. In the list below, you can see all the Pixel devices that this applies to:

A patch is rolled out every month, but a July event followed a little later than usual. It’s not all that exciting either. For example, Google has reported that VoLTE is activated for some carriers and that a fix has been rolled out, with some devices automatically restarting under different conditions. Of course, security is also fully up to date after this July patch.

Do you own a Google Pixel 3 or later? Your device will then notify you automatically when an update is available. If you really can’t wait, manually check if it’s ready. Open Settings and select “System”, “Advanced” and “System Update”. Your device will then check if the new software is already available. If so, you can choose to download and install the update.

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Not a Pixel, when will I get the update?

With the Pixel, you’re often the first to handle updates, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes Samsung is a little older than Google itself and that is the case again in this roundup. For example, the July patch was introduced a little earlier for Galaxy S20 seriesAnd the Note 10 line On Galaxy Z Flip of pixels. Posted every Friday Android Planet An overview in which we include all the updates from the previous week. This is about Android version updates, but of course it’s also about security patches.

There are also some differences between the update policy between manufacturers. Are you curious to know the performance of your device manufacturer? Read our article about Update policy for different manufacturers Once, so you know exactly where you stand.

For example, manufacturers can choose to release an update every month, every two months, or, say, assemble it every quarter. It also depends on the manufacturer how smooth the update policy is. Samsung offers a clear, long and fast update policy, but manufacturers like OnePlus and Nokia also score the necessary points.

How to update Android updates and protect your smartphone

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