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NewsMichelle Bushell, former director of the Nemo Museum of Science, was appointed an Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau Thursday night. He has been acclaimed for his years of dedication to making science and technology accessible to a wide audience.

Michel Buchel, former director of the Nemo Science Museum. © Martin Dijkstra

The 67-year-old Bushell has been a manager at Nemo for nearly twenty years, He said goodbye last month. In a special moment, because the Science Museum has been around for exactly a century.

To honor his farewell, a meeting was held on Thursday evening where Bushell received the ribbon from Chris Larsson, the mayor of Wijdmeren, the municipality where Bushell lives. “Michel Bouchell has worked tirelessly and in countless districts,” said the mayor. For science, society and culture. Especially for the communication between them.”

The tape also praised the former director for his efforts in many additional positions in the cultural sector at home and abroad. For example, he was president of the European Network of Science Museums Ecsite and committed himself to the VSC, the sectoral organization of science museums and science centres. He was also active on several boards, such as the Amsterdam Uitmarkt Board.

Now that Bushell has retired, Jill Rollink has succeeded him as director of the Nemo Science Center.

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