Russian minister: “The rise could not be canceled, and the Kremlin had no choice”

The Russian invasion of Ukraine could not be canceled because Moscow had no other choice. This was stated by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in a television interview on Tuesday. The minister also said that “speculations” from the West about Russia’s use of nuclear weapons “on the nerves of everyone”.


“Special Operation (Russian term for raid, ed.) It was absolutely necessary, given the eight years of intimidation and stigmatization of our compatriots in eastern Ukraine, ”said Ryabkov. And the President of the Republic spoke about it over and over again.”

In the run-up to the invasion, the Kremlin regularly examined allegations of genocide that was to occur against the Russians in eastern Ukraine. The Kremlin has long dismissed these allegations as misinformation to justify the invasion of Ukraine.

Threats against Russia

Ryabkov also used the interview to once again call on the West to stay away from what he called “the escalating American escalation in this crisis.” The minister said the United States “must also stop dumping weapons on Ukraine.” They must stop their threats against Russia.

Russia said on Monday that US-Russian relations were on the verge of collapse and that Washington, DC, was to blame.

Ryabkov said that Moscow does not currently have any relations with NATO and its future relationship with the organization will depend on the steps of the alliance.

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