Russians fill their fridges with hamburgers and sell a Big Mac for 200 euros

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Russians have been selling McDonald’s burgers online at very high prices since the fast food chain decided to close its doors in Russia. Big Mac menus can be purchased online for as little as €200 each. What about a tray of potato sauce? It is sold for 100 euros.


Russians can no longer go to McDonald’s, since the fast food chain announced on Tuesday that it would close 850 restaurants in Russia in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to CEO Chris Kempczynski, it was a “difficult decision, but it is impossible to ignore the human suffering of Ukrainians”.

In response, the Russians began stockpiling hamburgers in large quantities this week. For example, a user on Reddit posted a picture of a fridge full of burgers. There was only a small space left for other groceries. One person joked in the comments: “It looks like a White House party.”

Another commented, “The burgers provide employment.” And the latter, he sees more Russians. In addition to surplus refrigerators, burgers are also being offered for a fortune on Russian auction site Avito (similar to eBay). A menu with two burgers, two drinks and a cherry pie is offered for 7,500 RUB (€50.28). The buyer must pick up the meal purchased on March 9 in Moscow.

© Avito

© Avito

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