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Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte has made a lightning visit to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to deal with the problems surrounding Brexit and the evacuations in Afghanistan. “What is still possible in Kabul?”

During a dinner with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at 10 Downing Street in London, Root decided that the crisis in Afghanistan would require closer cooperation between the UK, Europe and NATO in the future. The United States is no longer seen as an easily reliable partner in such situations.

“Without the United States, a major geopolitical problem cannot be resolved,” Rutte said after meeting Johnson. “Because of their ‘power’, their ‘power’ and their democratic orientation, this is not possible.” The outgoing prime minister has hinted that he sees a bigger role for the European Union and the United Kingdom in the future. “After Afghanistan, you should seek cooperation to face the problems.”

Rutte arrived at Johnson’s official residence in a Jaguar, while domestic cat Larry was washing up next to an on-duty police officer, after a trip to Luton Airport. In addition to Afghanistan, the visit also discussed the conflicts surrounding Brexit and COP26, the climate summit to be held in Glasgow at the beginning of November. According to Root, the Netherlands can help find practical solutions to points of contention through its good relationship with the United Kingdom.

Britain’s exit from the European Union agreement

The situation surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol, which is part of the Brexit agreement to maintain peace in Northern Ireland, has received particular attention. This section permits inspection of goods between the British mainland and Northern Ireland. Some products may not be imported at all in the future. Rutte has stated that he fully trusts Johnson, who decries inappropriate rules for the UK.

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If supermarkets in Northern Ireland need products from factories in England, Ruti outlined an example, they shouldn’t comply with strict EU rules. “Products you know are sold in this supermarket and don’t cross the border into the Republic of Ireland. You can find practical solutions to these kinds of issues. That’s what ultimately matters. To make Brexit work.”

Rutte broke a spear for the British, without ever walking on the toes of the European Union. The European Union really wants to help with this. Also people in Brussels. At the same time, we must understand that the protocol exists. And this European unity is not in question.” He says that moving away from “big statements”, in reference to the sometimes harsh language of EU President Ursula von der Leyen and French President Emmanuel Macron, is essential.


We agreed very clearly to look closely at what is still possible in Afghanistan and Kabul

Mark Rutte


Root did not dare to make any guarantees, but his optimistic attitude showed that the maintenance went smoothly. The troubled politician, who saw the two ministers Ank Bielefeld (Department of Defense) and Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Affairs), could not give hope to the Afghan interpreters trapped in the country. He discussed joint initiatives with Johnson, but the “dangerous” situation leaves little room for maneuver.

We have explicitly agreed to look closely at what can still be done in Afghanistan and Kabul. This is not something you can achieve tomorrow. It is our wish.” Rutte explained that in the future such a crisis would be handled differently – read: without the US as an anchor, but with the UK on board. “Without signing major contracts. my work.”

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