Samsung Galaxy A70 and A40 receive Android 11 update in the Netherlands

Two popular Samsung devices from 2019 are now updating to Android 11. They relate to the Galaxy A70 and A40, which are bringing many new features.

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Samsung Galaxy A70 en A40 Android 11 update

Different readers of Android Planet We inform you that Samsung Galaxy A70 In the Netherlands Android 11Update. This means that the popular smartphone from two years ago will be equipped with the latest version of Android and all accompanying features. For example, the software is getting a new design, you have new privacy options, a revamped camera app, and the device should work better.

Also for owners Samsung Galaxy A40 There is good news, because the Android 11 update is now available for this device. The budget phone was released in 2019 with Android 9.0 (Pie) and got the Android 10 upgrade about a year ago. With Android 11, the A40 is now receiving the second (and also the final) version update.

If you are using a Samsung A70 or A40, you will automatically receive a notification when the update is ready for you. You can then download and install it right away. It is also possible to manually check for updates: Open Settings, go to “Software Update” and click on the option “Download and install”. The latest version should appear automatically.

Caliphs: A72 and A42

Various successors have now appeared for the Samsung Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A40. For example, the company recently released a Galaxy A72 Outside, a seamless smartphone with a large 90Hz screen and updated cameras. This phone runs Android 11 by default and gets three major release updates: Android 12, 13 and 14. Samsung is also promising Four-year release of security patches.

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to me Galaxy A42 5G The company has a different update policy. The smartphone will receive four years of support with Android security patches, but “only” two major updates. Since the phone was released with the older Android 10, Android 12 is the latest upgrade for this device. Google will release Android 12 later this year, most likely in September.

Samsung A41 and A71 also appeared between the Galaxy A40 / A70 and Galaxy A42 / A72. You can read more about these devices at Review of the Galaxy A41 in a Galaxy A71 review.

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