Samsung Galaxy S21 series may soon get One UI 4.1 upgrade

Samsung may soon release a file Galaxy S21 chain upgrade to OneUI 4.1.0 Update† This anyway explains why devices weren’t receiving the February patch.

Galaxy S21 will soon get One UI 4.1

Samsung recently launched a device Galaxy S22Series with version 4.1 of the One UI interface. Aharon Samsung phones With Android 12 currently running OneUI 4.0† So we expect in the near future One UI 4.1 Upgrades for Other Galaxy Devices† And indeed, it appears that this will happen.

according to A Verizon support employee, Samsung would like to provide the Galaxy S21 with One UI 4.1 before the end of the month. This update can synchronize well with the actual version of the software Galaxy S22 Ultra† This device will be officially available in stores this weekend.

It is also remarkable that no Galaxy S21 model has yet released the separate version February security update Receive. That is, while devices usually always receive the latest patches early in the month. Thus, the upcoming upgrade to One UI 4.1 will provide a good explanation for this delay.

You should, of course, bear in mind that a representative of an American service provider is definitely not talking about European – let alone Dutch – devices. So it’s possible that the devices here will follow a slightly different update schedule than their counterparts on the other side of the ocean. But we assume that the next update for the S21 series is coming soon – with or without One UI 4.1.

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By the way: whether the same also applies to a file Galaxy S21 FEor initially only for S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra, we dare not say for now,

So what does One UI 4.1 do?

Of course, One UI 4.1 is not very different from One UI 4.0. The most important innovations – about us – smart widget† This is a tool with which you can combine different separate widgets, in order to put them in a file main screen to save. You can then swipe back and forth within a single widget and the same widget between different widgets that can be selected separately.

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