Scandinavia is experiencing a heat wave: the hottest day in Lapland since 1914

Records have already been set in various places in Scandinavia this year. June in Finland has been the warmest since records began in 1844, as have some parts of Sweden.

Last Sunday, temperatures soared as high as 34 degrees Celsius in some places, including Norway’s Saltdal near the Arctic Circle. In Kivu, in Lapland, a score of 33.6 was recorded. Since 1914 this high temperature has been measured in Lapland. Then the thermometer reads 34.7 degrees.

Weather services expect it to rain in large parts of Finland this week. Although experts do not believe that the temperature will drop sharply as a result.

North America

According to meteorologists, the high temperatures in Scandinavia are the result of a heat wave in North America, which created a large system of high pressure in the middle layer of the atmosphere.

Hundreds of people have already died in North America from the warm weather. In Lytton, Canada, the temperature record was broken last week, 49.5 degrees Celsius, before the village was devastated by bushfires. It has been erased from the map. California also suffers from severe wildfires.

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